Can I Convert My Pool to a Saltwater System?

Can I Convert My Pool to a Saltwater System?

Saltwater pools are growing in popularity because they require fewer harsh chemicals and less maintenance than traditional pools. Converting to a saltwater pool means no more chlorine to buy or add, no more skin irritation and the end of green hair.

One of the biggest misconceptions about saltwater pools is that they do not contain any chlorine at all. In reality, chlorine is necessary for pool sanitation. However, the chlorine levels are much lower, and the chlorine does not have to be added manually. Another misconception is that they are overwhelmingly salty. The salt level is similar to that of natural tears, which is about 10 times less salty than the ocean.

Converting a traditional pool to a saltwater pool requires buying and installing a chlorine generator that converts salt to chlorine – that’s it.

Saltwater pools are softer on the skin. They’re less likely to cause itching, burning or dry skin. They won’t turn blonde hair green or fade swimming suits. You can open your eyes underwater without irritation. Saltwater pools are also self-regulating. The produce a steady flow of chlorine at all times, whereas chlorine pools require regular treatments to maintain chlorine levels. This steady flow of chlorine keeps the water cleaner.

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