Over the last five years, we have experienced an epidemic of pools cracking. We have repaired hundreds of cracks in pools with great success with our proprietary method of crack repair. There are many methods of fixing cracks but we believe our method to be superior to all other ones:

Epoxy Injection: Probably the least effective method of crack repair (filling the crack with Epoxy – glue).

2. Staples and torque locks (drilling a hole on each side of the crack and inserting a horse shoe shape piece of Rebar over the crack and cementing over it. (Also, not an effective method).

At Gold Coast Pool each and every crack is assessed to formulate the best chance for success. In most situations, we will open the wall of the pool at least 6 inches on each side of the crack and chase the crack until it has been completely removed and there is no evidence of failure to the gunite.

We go all the way through the gunite to the dirt underneath. Only then, can you evaluate the failure.

What we usually find is that the pool has been leaking for much longer than the customer even realizes. We often discover that there is quite often significant damage to the structural steel inside the wall of the pool. Often times the rebar is rusted completely through and broken or even in some cases missing altogether.

Once the crack has been opened up and evaluated, we then build a new structural steel cage inside the exposed area and then refill the void with 6000 PSI concrete (up to twice as strong as the original gunite). While there is no guarantee that your pool will not crack again due to significant ground movement, we have never had a pool crack in the same place that we have made repairs to.